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Why SUVs are Better Option to Rent in Dubai

SUVs rental dubai

Why SUVs are a Better Option to Rent in Dubai

There are numerous alternatives for vehicles to pick from in terms of renting in Dubai; this has never been a problem. There are lots of model options, car types, and car brands you can easily choose from. However, the essential thing that is crucial to consider first is the type of vehicle you want to rent, whether it is an SUV, sedan, or truck.

As obvious as the considerations might appear, people have a tendency to experience a dilemma when picking the right type of vehicle. If you traveled to Dubai with family, a minivan or SUV is a perfect choice for them, but it is not so hard to decide.


SUVs rental dubai


The interest in SUVs is continuing to grow quite large in the United Arab Emirates for renting, and car rental companies are investing more in SUVs. While many people might prefer the car rentals that are the cheapest in Dubai simply because they traveled with friends and family, some just think SUVs are a significantly better choice personally.

Every choice of car is respected for way too long; they satisfy your needs, and you adore the ride. However, irrespective of being an admirer of SUVs, have you figured out about that car and just why it is a significantly better selection for rent? We will be highlighting why SUVs are better options for renting in Dubai.


1. Space

This can be a tremendously obvious advantage SUVs have over other car classes, like sedans. The cargo capacity is impressive because passengers can stretch and relax comfortably when on a long ride.

Besides the spacious interior, you will also experience the sheer space in the rear trunk, which is adequate to carry your luggage. If you are planning for an extended ride with lots of loads, then an SUV is a significantly better option for this.

The trunk is by far bigger than that of the sedan. What is interesting is that you have extra luggage that you can easily create additional storage for. You can easily fit cargo carriers, roof racks, and bike racks into SUVs with no difficulty.


2. Capability

SUVs are usually more capable than sedans or other smaller rides. It features all-wheel drive, which will be a standard feature for all SUVs, and lots of newly designed sedans don’t have this particular feature.

SUVs have a tendency to remain strong and compact in severe weather; they have enough capacity to have the road that is steepest so that the driver may be confident while driving through this type of road. In a place like Dubai, it is possible to cruise your SUV across the deserts comfortably. The SUVs are equipped with features to take care of harsh, hazardous conditions. It’s also designed with a traction-controlled system so that it can conquer off-roads.

You should rent a car in Dubai if you love being adventurous. However, some economy cars, like sedans, are capable of enduring harsh conditions. All SUVs are equipped to proceed through any trial with a performance that is outstanding.


3. Visibility

SUVs often have a good height for the drivers to pay for a larger vision while driving. If you prefer seeing a full view of what is ahead of you, then an SUV is a great ride to rent. The main advantage of this might be that it is possible to see potholes or cracks that lie in advance. This will prevent your car from getting damaged when you can finally escape bumps that are unexpected potholes.

With SUVs, you can expect to benefit from a higher position that is driving greater visibility for just what is coming ahead and from behind.


4. Capacity

SUVs have significantly more seat numbers than smaller cars, making them a greater option for families and groups of friends. A sedan cannot be sufficient to accommodate a large number of people, especially when there is other luggage to transport. For this reason, an SUV is a better option in this aspect.

SUVs have a more substantial capacity; for example, the Chevrolet Transverse is a mid-size SUV that can carry up to six people. The Cadillac Escalade can also accommodate eight passengers.


5. Capacity to Tow

However, some small cars can tow something behind them; they are mostly limited due to their size, and the goods may weigh too much. SUVs are larger vehicles made to carry goods that weigh more.

So you can rent a mid-size SUV to tow anything with ease. For instance, the Chevrolet Transverse has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. On the other hand, the Lincoln Navigator has a larger towing capacity of 8,700 pounds. If you have a boat you’ll want to carry to one of the beaches around Dubai, an SUV is a much better option for this.


6. Fuel Efficiency

The recent upgrade of SUVs has equipped them with the capability to consume less fuel compared to the old SUVs of the past. The large size of the SUV, running on little fuel, is a big plus and a great option for trips. So if you love SUVs, then it even gets better as you can go on a long ride with minimal fuel consumption.

You can save more if you hire a car for the long term, like monthly car rentals. This helps you maintain your unit throughout the rental period.

The Cadillac Escalade is an example of an SUV with fuel efficiency. It can travel at 14 miles per gallon in Dubai. However, its two-wheel drive can cover 23 miles per gallon. The four-wheel drive covers 21 miles per gallon.

The Buick Encore is also another fuel-efficient SUV. Running at 27 miles per gallon across the city of Dubai and 33 miles per gallon while on the highway.


7. Sizes Variance

The recent SUVs come in different sizes and seats that can suit every hirer’s needs. There are many SUV-size options; the only question here is: What brand are you going to rent? Aside from that, you can get your perfect choice of SUV.

Crossovers are the perfect type if you have a small family. Sedan cars are mostly 4-seaters, but you can get SUV sizes with 4, 6, or 8 seats. Midsize SUVs are best suited as they are spacious and portable.