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Rent a Car for AED 1000

Rent a car

Rent a Car for AED 1000

Have you been a resident or visitor in Dubai and want to rent a car or truck? then we are here to produce you the best service at a cheap rate. The rental car in Dubai offers services for just AED 1000. Once you visit the site, you’ll see various cars and you will choose what you need to rent a car for AED 1000.


Rent a car


When rent is booked in Dubai, you won’t pay much for it as our car rental service is budget-oriented. You can travel to and select your desired car depending on your option and book and rent a car on monthly basis. You can replace the car whenever it is required by your needs and pay rent of AED 1000 and enjoy your trip in Dubai.

Are you frequently visit Dubai and face problems booking a motor car in Dubai on a Monthly requirement? At that true point, at, we make things simpler for you. You can rent a motor car online from our site, and we’ll deliver it to your destination. We shall provide a service that eliminates your stress of searching and going to various companies to rent a motor vehicle in Dubai.

There are several cars to rent from our car rental monthly. We now have SUVs, Pickup, and Sedan cars among some other cars. You’ll need a vehicle that will accommodate a big family of 8 eight people if you wish to visit Dubai.

You can now able to get a car at a cheap price of AED 1000. Our cars are extremely cheap with less deposit fee and are insured as well which will provide benefit to freely move around in the city of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

You’re getting benefits from our packages like free car delivery at your door if you book a vehicle for 30 days at a cheap rate. You would now manage to book a motor vehicle for AED 1000 with our rent-a-car monthly service in Dubai. This offer is only valid for new customers only.

Our company consistently provides offers to customers with high-quality rent-a-car service. They have developed a reputation that is high in the business. They feature an array of car selections at a cheap rate with a scope of benefits including free delivery in Dubai and limitless mileage among a couple of different benefits. We also offer to get and drop off service for hiring a car in the airport and any other location in Dubai but after minimal charges

We now have a group of expert individuals who are committed, completely prepared, and experienced. These are typically available every time consistently to help the customer 24/7 as if you answer their queries. We guarantee our quality that is best of services with customer care and an affordable rental car or truck for AED 1000.