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Rent a Car For a Week in Dubai

Rent a Car

Rent a Car For a Week in Dubai

One could define Dubai to be a creek with a long straight road with a number of different districts. Areas within it and each of those places are very near to one another. So the best way to travel around with full flexibility and freedom is to monthly rent an automobile in Dubai.


Rent a Car


You can also rent with a driver which can help you with peace of mind and never have to think about the different routes, Bridges, overpasses, loop roads, etc. Dubai is a famous tourist that is a favorite for most foreigners. You can find several car rental agencies in and around Dubai.

They might result in the journey being easier when compared with Uber or other cabs in Dubai. Rentals give you the cost and convenience factor while cabs only find a way to give you the cost-benefit.


Why no Uber:

The reason is Uber along with other apps offers you discounts whilst the taxis that are regular in Dubai are costly. Even a ride involving 20 minutes and traveling around 13 miles would cost you around 13 miles. That is within Dubai. Just in case you like to travel around Dubai and visit places like Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, then chances are you could be spending significantly more than AED 750, which can be really expensive even taking into consideration the usage of Uber or other applications.

The least expensive method of transport would be the Metro and RTA buses. So the most suitable choice is to rent a car for a week. In this way, the automobile will be within your budget. You would certainly be paying most AED per day which is 40-80 on the car.

Each one of these usually is maintained in good quality and often is new care and will be in perfect condition to drive around. So even though you travel like 100 days that is km/ a the rental car would involve only an AED 80/day expense. However, taxis are costly at any true point in this discussion.

Complete Independence:

And also this involves more advantages when you’ve got a rented motor car, while you don’t need to wait for a cab to reach and pick you up. The vehicle can be acquired with you 24/7. Hence, there’s absolutely no time that is waiting to wait for a charge.

There would be no cancellation charge and complete independence to where and when you wish to use the car that is rented. Even if there was a parking charge and petrol cost involved, it can still be the best option to save cash.

Renting a motor vehicle is very simple, as you will find many reputed agencies that are renting. They allow car booking online. Delivery associated with the vehicle is totally free to your airport in most cases.

Thus you receive your rental cars through the airport and you will drive around with a driver’s license that is international. With the help of the maps that are google tourists can drive around and reach their destinations. Even, SIM cards can be obtained in the airports, and data packs are available together with them.

Metro Enables You To Walk:

The other cheapest option is to make use of the Metros, as Dubai is among the busiest tourist places, and then metros are the best option if there is a lot of time. Metros are cheap in comparison with rentals, in which you don’t need to worry about traffic and parking spaces. Given that metros are found in the heart of every district it connects, you need certainly to walk from also to the metro.

Then you need to get a taxi which is again increasing your travel cost if you are at places far away from the metro. This involves walking from a single spot to another, it’s not a very convenient option and renting a vehicle will make it worthwhile, as it saves a lot of time and provides the coziness this is certainly needed.

Small Costs Mount Up:

Metros prove to be cheap for traveling long distances. Renting a car or truck close to your hotel keeps the travel plan intact without the unwanted waiting or walking periods. However, while driving around Dubai, you have to keep an eye out for speed limits, regulation changes, parking spaces, and heavy traffic zones. Once you plan the travel distance, there is no need to worry about tax bills and night charges.

Google maps would allow you to reach destinations quickly. As there are lots of unfamiliar areas in Dubai, it is essential to plan travel and destinations beforehand.

This will assist the navigation clear. Just in case a GPS is in there together with your car rental package then you definitely could be paying extra for them too. Remember, fuel prices are comparatively cheaper because it’s a middle east region.


So yes, it is cheaper to rent a car or truck in Dubai instead of using the Metro or taxis week. As they are way more and time-consuming more expensive adding up other factors.

However, all of these expenses depend on the trip plan and tourist spots which can be a part associated with the itinerary. If the trip involves kids, shopping, and a travel distance of significantly more than 100km/per day. Then the best option is always to have a rental car, helping to make the travel smooth, and saving time and money.