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Mercedes for Rent in Dubai


The Mercedes is Ultimate for Dubai

German pedantry, excellent handling, and incredible power – all those components fit together perfectly in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz cars are associated with good quality and safety that is impeccable. Each car regarding the ongoing company becomes a sensation, it attracts attention and arouses interest.

Having made a decision to rent a Mercedes-Benz in UAE, you will definitely have the smoothness of movement, responsiveness in control, and comfortable gear shifting.

The brand’s cars are suited to those who value comfort, who understand that tradition and responsibility to customers just isn’t an empty phrase. The quality of all parts and materials, reliable and durable assembly, unique materials within the cabin, a multi-stage safety system, and advanced technologies when it comes to capability of the driver and passengers – with a Mercedes-Benz rental in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah as well as other emirates you can easily appreciate all these advantages.


Select your Rent and Category Mercedes Benz in Dubai


Mercedes Benz rental dubai


We Have Collected the Following Car Categories For you:

– Standard – the German brand, despite its focus on the premium segment, also offers inexpensive, family cars for all occasions. You are able to rent a Mercedes in UAE for 300 AED per day, series A and B-class are ideal for this. Capacious and reliable cars are suitable for busy weekdays or active weekends.

– Middle-class – comfortable transport, which could rightfully be called universal. Suitable for both work and family, stylish sedans and roomy crossovers are ergonomic here. Striking representatives of the class are the CLA II, C-class IV, and III models – classic coupes with a big trunk, comfortable interior, and low fuel consumption, with standard rear-wheel drive. The most car that is recognizable in the class is the Mercedes c200.

– Business – executive cars that emphasize your status. Renting a Mercedes in Dubai is generally needed just for such purposes – to help make the impression that is right business partners, to be in time for negotiations plus in a dozen more places in numerous parts of the town. The brand specializes in classic, luxurious pieces. I 250 d – stylish, impetuous, fast among them are E-class W213, GLC Coupe. The first-class Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet costs around 1.300 AED per day.

– Premium – the most luxurious high-end cars, exclusive and special, with an increased degree of comfort. These are S-class coupe W222 and S-class W222 CDI. Employing these cars will cost you around 2.000 AED per day.

– Crossovers – SUVs from this company deserve special attention. They are luxury cars of a premium class, some models are believed cult. For example, renting a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen in Dubai can be obtained – this is actually the most recognizable car associated with the brand, which includes an increased ability that is cross-country reliable chassis and a powerful 422 hp engine.


Looking for a Mercedes Benz with a driver in Dubai?

Do you want to arrange transportation? Tourist routes? Find transport for your office or company that is small. Renting a Mercedes-Benz minivan in UAE is the choice.

For example, the GLS model has 7 seats and a fashionable, slightly aggressive design. An alternative choice is a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, also with 7 seats, a hp that is 163, a standard navigation system, climate control, a multifunction steering wheel, a method for recognizing markings and road signs, cruise control, and a leather interior.


Rent the activity Mercedes Benz GT in Dubai



If you’re seeking to rent a 2-seater for the honeymoon, choose the charming Mercedes GT for around 3.000 AED per day.

All cars of the legendary brand are insanely stylish and fashionable all the time. These cars are simply just designed for lovers of comfort, speed, and undoubtedly luxury.